We had to take a serology test #serologytest #serologytestsg #covid-19 #covid-19sg #singapore #sglife #expatlife #expatlifeinsg

Last Saturday (21st Aug) we walked to a clinic that performs a serology test here in Singapore because we need to take the test so that we can link …

We had to take a serology test #serologytest #serologytestsg #covid-19 #covid-19sg #singapore #sglife #expatlife #expatlifeinsg

We had to take a serology test #serologytest #serologytestsg #covid-19 #covid-19sg #singapore #sglife #expatlife #expatlifeinsg

Last Saturday (21st Aug) we walked to a clinic that performs a serology test here in Singapore because we need to take the test so that we can link up our Covid-19 vaccination record from Hong Kong to the local tracing app called TraceTogether here in Singapore.

For those who are wondering what is that test here is a simple reference from Google ‘Serology’ is the study of antibodies in blood serum or simply mean an antibody test. Since the Singapore government already approved public dining once again, my husband and I decided to just take the test to make our lives easier every time we dine outside.

My husband’s TraceTogether App which shows “Vaccinated”

Although we have our vaccinations record available on speed dial (thanks to eHealth App in Hong Kong) we just went ahead and take the test here in Singapore. The result of the said test takes about 3-5 days as per the clinic. Given the process timeframe my husband already received his result which reflected on his TraceTogether (Singapore tracing app) in only a day of process unlike mine which is still in the process as per the TraceTogether App.

Here is my TraceTogether App which shows “Vaccination in progress”

The serology test cost may varies per medical establishment so I suggest you to call few places before you decide. The needle left a bruised and a marked for couple of days on my right arm which is all gone now, thanks to time.

Until my next blog and thank you.


Seven Days Stay Home Notice (SHN) Singapore Style #singapore #shn #relocatingtosg #quarantine #stayhome #stayhomenotice #wheninsingapore #wheninsg

My dearest son and I arrived here in Singapore last Sunday (20th June 2021). I have left so many emotions back home when we left, and fear is something I have carried with me the entire flight. Although the flight was only between 3-4 hours it just feels forever since my fear has not left me alone which resulted me being stressed out due to the pandemic situation.
Despite the woes in my travel everything went smoothly and that starts from the time we left our last location which is Hong Kong, I remember though I had one hurdle back there when my biggest luggage weighs almost 35KG which is more than the standard weight allowance, so I had to open, unpacked and moved stuffs to another luggage which is still fine.
Moving on, upon our arrival and embarkation at the plane we were greeted by this beautiful architecture heading to the immigration side which is wonderful thing that tickles the artsy side of me! And then an airport staff in full personal protective clothing approached us and he ushered us to queue at the immigration lane. After all the document verification, photo taking and a bit of Q&A, the officer handed me over a blue bag that contains stay home user guide brochure, gateway and a wristband. I was told by the immigration officer to activate the device and follow the stay home notice guidelines. Next step is to get all our luggage’s and head to a headquarter to get our lab tests done and that all together did not take forever which is great and then we went back in where the taxi stand is to get ourselves home.
I am glad to say that we are now down to our fourth day in serving our seven days stay home notice. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) staffs are all warm and approachable especially when they call me to check up on our current situation and or giving us the updates. We will have our next round of our swab test this coming Saturday, which is awesome because, we can finally breathe fresh air even though it is only for a while. MOM sent us all the details and that includes where and what we can only use to get there as per the transportation is concerned.
I am so excited and thrilled to get over this stay home period because it is just plain boring even though I have already exhausted all my best effort to be productive and creative. I will update you all once again through this blog. And please allow me to thank you all for visiting and reading through my content! Until my next blog post!

Yours truly,


Second Jab Done! #covid19vaccine #covid-19vaccine #covidvaccinehk #hongkong

Although it took me a while to write an update about my Covid-19 vaccination I am glad to share once and for all that I finished my second jab for the Covid-19 vaccination on the 2nd of May. Yey!
The experience is more intense for couple of days unlike my first jab experience, I still consider myself lucky for not being that sick or had any adverse worst reactions other than body pain and feeling so sleepy.

The next day after my second dose my arm felt very heavy and swollen and I could not forced myself to carry even my own hand bag so I skipped bringing my son to school for three consecutive days (thanks to my Hubby who filled that role), because I just couldn't. Although, I did not baby sat the pain I just could not take the pain for granted. I do not feel a need to take any sort of meds so I didn't take any either then goes the third day where I felt lesser back pain and the swollenness subsides better. I could say between four to five days I am sort of back to my own better self. Wow! I feel braver haha! No kidding aside though.
My whole experience went really well just like the first or even better than the first time, because I beat the whole process time the first time was at about fifty minutes where as the second time was about thirty five to forty minutes. Quite a close match there except that both times are smooth, well manned and efficient. My overall experience was great and happy that I completed my Covid-19 vaccination. 
Until my next blog! Thank you and have a wonderful life!

My first Jab of Covid-19 Vaccination! #covid19vaccine #covid-19vaccine #covidvaccinehk #hongkong

My left arm is still a bit swollen, however I feel fine and do better when I raise my arm unlike two days ago. I would say that I am the weakest in my family when it comes to tolerance in pain and sickness etc. That is why I am still surprised and amazed when I delivered my son normal. Alright, so much about pain!
I recently had my first jab of Covid-19 vaccine, which was two days ago to be exact (11th April) I was originally scheduled earlier than that, but due to some issue with my chosen vaccine the government delayed it to a later date. The best news is I survived it and I wish I could say the same on my second dose of my vaccination (keeping my fingers crossed).
I was hesitant in the beggining like I have some major concerns and all that fuss. Seeing and hearing different feedbacks from all the world etc. I simply fear for my life and still want to be here in this world. But no kidding aside all my weirdest imagination comes to life until I watched several scientist attests and ensures that getting the vaccination will gives you immunity. Those scientist gives me so much confidence that leads me to a decision that I will join the Covid-19 Vaccination Program (Hong Kong).
I chose to get BioNTech/Fosun (Cominarty) and my husband helped me with the whole online application process which was quick and easy as long as you provide your personal particulars upon registration. My schedule was later in the day at 18:30PM and upon my arrival at the venue I was greeted by the staff and ushered me to the correct line because they divided the line to two sides by the entrance of the hall. They will then ask you to enter to your Leave Home Safe App or fill in the form (for contact tracing). The staff will then lead you to the booth to confirm your appointment details such as the confirmed SMS message from the government and your identification card for verification purposes.
The government holds the vaccination program in many locations here in Hong Kong which I believed has a smooth and easy protocol with a well manned team of people. When I reached the place, I was then again greeted by a staff who checked my temperature, confirmed which vaccine I am taking, was it for the first or second dose and then the staff handed me a booklet that contains couple of forms such as the Vaccination Fact Sheet, Statement of Purpose of Collection of Personal Data and Registration form for eHealth which I all agreed, because why not. Come on I am just kidding 😊
The nurse came up to me and asked me several questions to confirm if I am basically fine. I told her that I am on my hypertension maintenance medication and that my situation is under control then she walked me up to the waiting area to wait for my turn for the vaccination. I only waited for less than five minutes to get my actual jab and if I am not mistaken the entire process was less than hour for me (fifty minutes and twelve seconds).
Going back, I waited at the chair and was called out to go in one of the cubicles to get my vaccination done. The nurse confirms some information with me once again and asked for my identification which I inserted in a small scanner and then she prepared my left arm for the vaccination. It was uncomfortable, oh well needle is needle it meant to be painful right? The pain manifested after three to four hours, where I cannot not raise up my arm in its full capacity. It still pains but the overall pain is tolerable which still allows you to move and function the same. After the vaccination procedure the nurse handed me over my vaccination record YEY then I exited the cubicle to seat outside to wait for fifteen to thirty minutes to be observed for any adverse reaction which I did not have. 

On my way to the exit the staff gave me a pack of 3 Ply Mask and a sticker as a souvenir. That was it! Like I mentioned above the entire procedure by the time you arrived at the venue was smooth and easy with staffs that could help you easy when you have further questions or concerns. Of course, this entire experience is based purely on my personal experience and judgement. Let me thank you all for reading my blog and share you my story for today. I cannot wait to practice my writing once again, until my next blog. Keep well and safe you all. BYE for now!!

Water Funventure with the Mums and the Kids! #discoverybayhk #discoverybay #discoverybaybeach #familytime #hongkong

Last Friday was bright, sunny and HOT! We originally planned to go to the Lantau Island. However, the queue line at the ferry terminal 4 was longer than anticipated so we decided to change our destination to Discovery Bay. 

The weather was about 27C which is great for water fun activities and all our kids LOVED it!

I was with my son and April. Joined with my sister's family - the Capistranos and two of our other friends family. The Alpes and The Serranos.

April brought along with us hotdog buns, apple juice, snacks, water, sunblock and the rest of the things that we might need during our stay at the beach.

On our way out we decided to buy the mat for (HK$69) to use at the beach. Then, we took the cab going to the pier (Discovery Bay HK - Pier 3) and the cab fare is about (HK$40-50).
We sailed for about 30 minutes from Central Pier to Discovery Bay. The fare is about HK$40-50 for adults and kids at HK23 (0ne way). 
We then reached the beach about 12 noon. Together we walked down by the beach and set up our mats and tents then started lounging there by the beach. 

We unpacked our food bags and get ourselves prepared for lunch while my brother in law bought more food for us and the kids. 
Our family friend - Ate Tine and Kuya brought with them bunch of snacks, water and booze that lasts us until the end of the day. 

Our kids play, plays and PLAYED. They dug the sand and swam endlessly which was such a GREAT FUN!!! Parents had a wonderful time as well with the company of each other's stories and laughs about life in general. 
Although my husband stayed home we still had a fabulous time specially when we've seen our kids connected and got along well. 
We all separated our ways back at Central Pier and bid farewell at about 8:00PM. 
We all had an excellent fun day and I cannot wait to write about it again! Until next time. Thank you for reading.