Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

I thought I needed to…

03 September, 2022 Dearest J, It has been raining the entire day and felt unproductive and although it is the weekend I purposely did not make a plan to go anywhere coz my son wasn’t feeling so good either. So here I am feeling pretty lonely, just kidding! You should know me by now, I […]

Woke up heartbroken!

23th August, 2022 Dearest J, I’ve been here in the Philippines with my son for four months now which has been a bitter sweet journey for both of us, because our Papa isn’t around everyday. We have been trialing living apart, because we wanted our son to experience life here in the Philippines in the […]

My First 10K Run at Vermosa

4th July 2022 Dearest J, I always live by in taking small steps to bigger goals and so I made it to the finish line accomplished running my first run ever. I started my day as early as 2:30AM, I have always been up earlier than my set alarm every time I have an appointment […]

Calatagan, Batangas Quick Get Away

29th June, 2022 Dearest J, Not so long ago we went to Calatagan, Batangas and had a great fun! It was a quick way to refresh and recharge, although it took us 3-4 hours to finally settle in our stop because we decided to drive in to couple of places before booking our accommodation assuming […]


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Hi, I’m Vern. I am full time Mum who has passion in writing (entry-level), poems happy, sad, momentous and/or victorious events of my life. I spend most of my time with my dearest son and loving husband. 

This blog page is all about keeping up with me and sharing my personal/family affairs which is expressed in writing. Thank you!

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