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Hong Kong Rendezvous

13 December 2022

Dearest J,

We went to our first home, Home Kong aka Hong Kong almost two weeks ago now. I needed to get something important there where I thought could wait until April 2023 but couldn’t so we ran back home and mixed our trip with both business and leisure.

It was great to be back after almost 2 years! I was amazed how long it was ago too, I missed everyone and literally everything there. Apparently, our time was not enough to meet everybody I know but hey! I will be back again since Hong Kong is now getting back on track and we can pretty much fly as usual, YEY!

My niece who loves Frozen still loves Frozen and we are so ecstatic to see her once again and the rest of our family and closest friends as well. We are so blessed to stay in a nice accommodation which brought back memories from my childhood and all that mixed emotions.

Hong Kong has always been the best place for shoppers like myself and my husband although we didn’t really do much of it, just some HAHA, that also is something we miss about our dear Home Kong and of course lets not forget about the food! Shopping will be the #1 and #2 will always be the food! So great, delicious, the portions, and it is reasonably priced.

Food is from Hay Hay Restaurant at Wan Chai, Hong Kong. One of the oldest and popular place to get an authentic Hong Kong Food.

The time we were there is one of the best timing because of the lovely weather (well except the gloomy days, which is about 2 – 3 days). Overall it was fine. The only bummer about the trip was the Amber code I got upon my arrival which translated to no dining experience available until I finished the 3 days observation which is quite an experience on which everyone can endure for sure. On a lighter note, as of today from what we heard from a family Hong Kong has now lifted off some rules on the table to make your visit experience more memorable, easier, and comfortable.

Generally speaking if you are travelling nowadays, it is always safe to check your airline and the country’s policy and guidelines you are visiting to have less trouble or to zero interruption at all to your travel plan.

The only touristy thing we did as a family was our visit at the Hong Kong Science Museum because we cannot missed that, why you asked? They have the Big 8 Revelation going on there which is basically the biggest exhibition for Dinosaur lovers, like my son. He has been collecting Jurassic World toys since and still do.

I actually did vlogged (if there is such word) our entire stay because why not? That is truly how much I missed Hong Kong. We will definitely be back more often as long as our family time schedule permits.

Thank you for listening to me J, I know I missed to tell you many memorable events but I’m doing my best.



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