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The Happiest Halloween 2022!

Dear J,

It’s been a long time since I wrote to you. Life is just busy generally speaking, which is actually great. As I’ve told you before that I will do my best to write everyday, however the circumstance has changed and so I could only do that on my free time.

Sunset at Beachfront Calatagan, Batangas

As you know a lot has happened and the month of October just slipped right before my eyes! My family from Hong Kong visited in the months of September and October which was amazing! I just missed everyone and they are a piece of home you know. My niece who turned 4 celebrated her birthday as well as his dad in Calatagan, Batangas where we rented a big beautiful house at the Beachfront. We had fresh seafoods, barbeque, snacks and a lot of drinks. We were a group of less than 25 people, we rented a boat to see a bit of the ocean and swam and got ourselves some vitamin sea. We stayed there total of 2 nights and had a wonderful family time.

Moving on with our happiest Halloween, we actually celebrated it twice. One here on our village which was set last 22nd of Oct, on which we volunteered to sponsor candies for the kids treat. The village’s property managers pulled off a successful party for all the Homeowners. Our house was the first stop for trick or treating and I was actually overwhelmed and didn’t have time to take photos with the kids who wore creative costumes. None the less we all had an amazing spooky time and

two just yesterday, 31st Oct where we did trick or treating again at Muntinlupa for another awesome time. We definitely had the best Halloween this year and couldn’t wait for the next!



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