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I thought I needed to…

03 September, 2022

Dearest J,

It has been raining the entire day and felt unproductive and although it is the weekend I purposely did not make a plan to go anywhere coz my son wasn’t feeling so good either. So here I am feeling pretty lonely, just kidding! You should know me by now, I will never choose to be lonely so I picked up my art tools and painted.

I must admit that for the past four months of not doing any artsy stuff I became an iritated person, anyways now I’m glad I did a bit for myself today and got into my trance mode while painting. There is something to it that makes me feel that I’m in my zone and connected in some ways, I hope you know what I mean.

I couldn’t think of any subject so I just let my brush do its magic and did pretty good, I guess. I do feel I’m rusty though, but felt great afterwards coz I missed painting so much!

On a Rainy Day

Above is the title, which translates to the current weather forecast.

Thank you J for always being a companion specially on days like this. I really thought that I needed to do more today, however giving this little me time reminded me that less is more.



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