Woke up heartbroken!

23th August, 2022

Dearest J,

I’ve been here in the Philippines with my son for four months now which has been a bitter sweet journey for both of us, because our Papa isn’t around everyday. We have been trialing living apart, because we wanted our son to experience life here in the Philippines in the comfort of our own house where he could have better social life, school life, and exposure to many things.

Although few days ago I woke up angry at myself, so I just let it all out until it does not hurt aymore. Love is truly patient, it hurts, and at the end of the day we all make sacrifices to meet our long term goal. Afterall they are all temporary.

Life apart has been a challenge, altough he swings by when theres a chance its just that his daily presence is what we longed for everyday. However, today is another day full of hopes and aspirations to keep us rolling.

Thanks for listening J.



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