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My First 10K Run at Vermosa

4th July 2022

Dearest J,

I always live by in taking small steps to bigger goals and so I made it to the finish line accomplished running my first run ever. I started my day as early as 2:30AM, I have always been up earlier than my set alarm every time I have an appointment the next day. Although I’m sort of sleep deprived I still feel energized and pumped up, thanks to the chocolate I have taken an hour before the run.

My friends and I gathered around at 4:00AM and off we went to the venue at Vermosa. Parking was our main concern after learning the number of participants in this event, despite our worry we still managed to parked safely beside a friend. Gun started at around 4:30AM for the 21K runners and followed by 10K, 5K, and 3K runners.

Vermosa is such a big place and a great venue for such a nature friendly environment activities from swimming a lap, run track, larger space to run a marathon, walk, and even cycle. However, for lap pool and track usage you may have to check the access through the venue.

We practiced couple of times prior our run which I thought helped boost our stamina in achieving our goal. I feel blessed and proud that I managed to finished my first run without injury and same thing goes to my friends. It really takes a great passion, perseverance, and energy put in sports such as this one.

J, this maybe the first, and definitely wont be the last.

Cheers to more run to come!

xoxo Vern

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