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After 3 long years, we are finally back at Home!

26th April, 2022

Dear J,

We are back home here in the Phils! The rest of us were very ecstatic, even though the process is a bit chaotic. We flew for about 4 hours from SIN to MNL. The flight itself was great and always admire how well Philippine Airlines pilot flies the plane.

Nothing beats the feeling of being home and actually being at the comfort of your own home. A lot has happened for 3 years and we were welcome with more different things including house repairs etc.. It has been stressful specially when it seems that spending is inevitable. You see, life is truly both bitter and sweet at its price.

Anyhow, we are enjoying every minute of it. My son and myself will be staying here longer than usual, which is amazing! We have yet to explore different islands and beautiful scenery of our beloved Phils. If you haven’t asked, business is good and still currently sourcing goods from different supplier. J, wish me luck!



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