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My new baby!

Thursday, 24th March 2022

Dearest J,

As usual, my busy schedule hinders me from writing to you on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. On a brighter note, I ventured out on my own start-up business which added to my already hectic home life, honestly speaking I was so hooked up and felt so addicted to it. My solid passion in art strives me harder to make my venture known and I would like to see it soar in its time.

My start-up is small and still very new, I launched it online without planning a proper launch date I just made it live there and then. I was so thrilled by the progress I made which gotten me excited. I could say I’m proud of my little progress, although I’m aware that there are billions of things I must learn to make it a success.

I’m always been fascinated in all form of arts, but my drawing skills pushed me back away from it in the early days because my first sketches looked nothing but a deformed figure which my old friend described as bacteria. It was funny though. I never stopped drawing despite the circumstance. Looking back at my old self, I even remember writing short sweet nothings on a notebook and in my diary, and made my first subscription on self-growth website to read on words of wisdom which inspires me to write my very own quotes. So much memories there.

J, I’m humbly presenting you my small new business Let me share more about it on my next blog, I promise to solely dedicate my next blog to Vliz Home and all about it.



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