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Our Paper Rice Experience!

Friday, 11th March 2022

Dearest J,

I’m doing great despite the fact that I’m sleep deprived most days these days, which I’ll tell you in details in another time. Yesterday, we dined outside at Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen, we were supposed to eat at our usual fast food as per my son’s request, however the queue was long and nobody attended to us and so we decided to walked around and found a Vietnamese place.

We were then ushered to our seats and they started setting up our table at the same time. The server explained that the order should be written on a piece of paper which we did right after we’ve decided what to get.

The price ranges from S$11.90 ++ for the food below, which is fair enough if you want to eat out once and a while to try something, I’m the only one who ordered drinks, expecting the restaurant will provide water as usual, well no! On the lighter note, the food was great which we enjoyed and the ambience was great too! Their patrons are mostly from the offices around the block and seemed to enjoy it as well.

We still have to run and get some groceries so we had to take out my son’s food since he barely touch it. I’ve asked my husband to bring the wipes with us since we’ll use it to the grocery to wipe the cart handle and what not assuming that it was complimentary, well it isn’t because there’s a charge of S$0.30 for each wipes and we used only one. While checking the receipt now the restaurant actually charged us for two wipes given that we returned the two wipes were supposed to take with us at the grocery.

As much as we enjoyed our meal, our disappointment concluded our entire experience which was not as pleasant as we entered and amused by the ambience, it was because we were not informed prior that they charge extra for the extra necessities such as the tap water and the wipes. I do suggest that they should and must inform their customers about it so they wont feel ambushed in any way upon check out.

J, the rest of our day went well and we all went back to our usual routine when we got home. I’ll speak to you again!



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