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Hello March!

Tuesday, 1st March 2022

Dear J,

We are now officially in spring season! Wow, I’m thrilled and excited to start this month full of hopes and dreams, although I felt like a bummer this morning since I was not able to workout YIKES! Reason being was that I did not get enough sleep since we started transitioning my son to sleep in his own room. Well, he was already sleeping in his own room before we came here in Singapore, however there were some adjustments that happened in the course of us maneuvering our new life here, I hope that doesn’t sound as an excuse, well my house my rules apply I guess, HAHA!

In continuation of my story telling, I didn’t do any cooking today, but I did yesterday though and for the first time I cooked “Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet”, it was actually great! No kidding aside HAHA, despite the fact that it was my cooking and might be biased, I wasn’t being one though. Thanks to the ready made sweet and sour powder I bough recently at a Japanese store.

How I wish I could share a short video for your amusement but I couldn’t since I have yet to upgrade my personal account to a higher tier 🙂 otherwise you may follow my Instagram food account if you’d like, which I’ll definitely appreciate at

Since it is already up there, allow me to share you the rest of the ingredients and how I cooked my own version.


Fish Fillet Pack (600g), 1 red capsicums, 1 green capsicums, 1 small carrots, 1 can of sliced pineapple, cornstarch, soy sauce, pepper, oil, 1 egg and the powder mix.

*You may use other type of meat

How I cooked it

First step, I sort of marinated the fish fillet in a bowl with soy sauce, pepper and 1 egg. Then I deep fried the fish fillet into a hot pan with oil until brown. When it was ready I picked them up and put them into another bowl for later.

Second step, I prepared the powder mixture. You may either use water or vinegar to do that as per the packaging instruction, however I mixed mine with the pineapple juice from the pineapple can itself.

Lastly, I sautéed the onion, capsicums, carrots until cooked. Then I put in the sauce mixture until boiled, that was between 5-8mins and then I added the fried fish from earlier and the pineapple until they are all combined. Please note that the suggested amount of meat or fish to use for 1 powder mixture is 300g, meaning I should have used 2 powder mixture instead of 1. Anyhow, that will totally depends on how you feel at the moment, as for me it was my first time and I just want to follow my instinct at that moment.

TADA! Here is my “Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet”

It is best served with rice for better taste which is purely based on my personal family preference.

Thank you J, once and for all and I truly hope that you learn something from me today.



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