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My child’s “First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccination”

Sunday, 27th February 2022

Dearest J,

I missed you a lot lately and wishes to share more despite my busy calendar. However, my hectic life wouldn’t permit me to write my “daily blog” LOL. Anyhow, if you’d ask me I am doing wonderful and living life as it is and Third finally received his first jab of the Covid-19 vaccine on the 23rd of February.

We were supposed to get his blood test first, however the clinic referred us to visit the hospital instead for the bloodwork since they do not have it available at their clinic. We thought that it’s best and safer not to go to the hospital given the current situation, so we just decided to go ahead with the vaccination without doing the test. We are thankful and very happy that Third didn’t have any adverse reaction nor any discomfort after his vaccine shot.

Although, we researched information’s about the vaccination for children and to get answer to some of our queries, we weren’t able to search enough where this vaccination is offered to children in our area so my son and I arrived at the wrong site and ended up going back and forth. Finally, at the correct site everything went smoothly which basically mean no waiting time at all. In our case we did not book an appointment since you could walk in from Monday to Thursday (for more info please refer to—children-related-vaccination-matters) and our availability fell on Wednesday.

Any type of recording or photography is not allowed inside the Vaccination Centre, so we took the photo outside of the premise beside this cute character named “Hana”.

Our overall experience was great and all the government staffs are amazing in handling each and everyone. They are all thorough and helpful in answering Third’s whole list of questions to buy time before his jab.

Until then J.



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