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All is wonderful except…

Tuesday, 16th February 2022

Dearest J,

All is wonderful except that I have to stop one of my personal prospect affair. Sometimes, temptations are disguised tastefully and within arms reached but you have to shake yourself up and think things through carefully. I kind of sound like I’m cheating on someone, LOL! I am not actually, however I feel the need to tell you about my thoughts and feelings J.

Carrying on with my today’s entry, since my way back to fitness routine started I get up as early as 6:00AM then the rest is just like any other typical day (A true motherly routine). I feel bad skipping telling you about how my day was on a daily basis but there is no better way to write to you but using my laptop in comparison typing on my phone.

The other day, I went to get my eyelash extension done. The therapist did a great job and gave me as natural lash look as possible and feels like I’m not wearing one which I like, but hubby thought otherwise and said that my lash looked the same. HAHA! There are couple of style to choose from “Gorgeous” to “Kim K style” to name a few, however I chose the single one for natural effect. I can definitely try the other style on my next visit, for now I like the overall result.



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