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Happy Valentine’s Day

Monday, 14th February 2022

Dear J,

Happiest Heart’s Day! I’ve been busy most days these days which includes binging on Netflix. My son is doing great in school and hubby is busy too at work which is wonderful! It is always a Valentine’s Day here in our household so nothing much is happening here.

Happiest Valentine’s Day

J, let me not bore you and allow me to jump right into something a bit exciting for your taste buds. We explore a bit over the weekends and dined to few restaurants, however this particular place made us miss Hong Kong even more because of their delicious Hong Kong Style Food!

We did enjoyed our meal including my son Third (as you know he is sort of picky at times). Generally, food here in Singapore is amazing and you will never run out of place to go. I know that are still many places to see and my little team is taking one step at a time.

We do love bunch of places here in SG already but Jewel (I’ll share about this next time) stands out the best to Third and I’m not gonna lie even to me and hubby. It is just easy for us to go there since it just 3 stations away from where we live and most of the shops that we love are pretty much there plus beautiful and delish foods too can be found there.

We’re glad to be here and cherishes every minute of it until next time J.



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