Home Spa Day

Saturday, 29th January 2022

Dear J,

Not much exciting happened to me for the past few days or I might have forgotten most of it to begin with, well except that while writing to you at this very moment I’m treating myself with my own version of “Home Foot Spa-ing” (invented my own word for my own writing, you may correct me though).

My life in general is pretty hectic, as you know being a home maker doesn’t always mean “Manis and Pedis” all the time, right?

“Home Foot Spa-ing”

J, I need to show you how it’s done, my style 🙂

Kidding aside though, life here in Singapore is pretty “lit”! My family and I loves it here, although we misses most of our families and friends back home. Good thing video call exist now.

Being a home maker share both benefits of being your own boss at the house and at the same time being boss around with both my son and my husband (SHHH! sometimes?) which is definitely not biggie by all means. I do enjoy and loving every minute of it! I kid you not.

I get to explore and learn more about myself and looking after myself is the biggest thing for me. Taking care of ME is the next most important thing before my family.

I make sure that I make my alone time productive and do learn new tricks given my ageing age and spend time to do all my girly stuffs, which my ever supporting husband supports. I just think that self care is important to me and my family.

Wow! I just realized that I could spend hundred of hours with you today 🙂 It might have something to do with my religious morning routine.

J, it’s lovely, lovely to speak with you as always, but I got to go and redo a bit of work on my new art piece!

Until then and love lots xoxo,


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