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Swimming and colds

Wednesday, 19th January 2022

Dear J,

Wow! It has been many days since my last talk with you. I thought I was not too busy until I see my work piles up right before my eyes. No complains though just sharing with you. My son has been on health break period from the school since last week, up until this week since the rise of Omicron new variance of the virus. Now, we are looking forward to the resumption of their online class in hopes that everyone from the school are doing well and fit to conquer the world.

So, last week we went back to one of our exercise routine which is swimming. Sadly, we both catch a cold due to cold water YES! No kidding aside though, the water was cold specially in the morning so we will just exercise in the afternoon whenever we decide swimming that is.

How can someone resist the charm of this beautiful skies? That is my son enjoying the cold water 🙂

J, it has always been and always will be great to speak to you.



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