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Pre Anniversary Wedding Lunch Celebration

Dear J,

We had our pre “Wedding Anniversary” lunch out at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, Changi Airport since hubby will be occupied with work on the actual day of our anniversary. We had a wonderful time as family and did a bit of wandering around at the mall and got ourselves some treat plus a birthday present for Kiyan’s (our neighbor friend’s son) birthday for this coming Tuesday.

Food was wonderful at the Japanese restaurant! I ordered “AUS Beef Katsu”,

Hubby got himself “Mameton Set”, and for Third “Kids Tokatsu Plate with apple juice”. For some funny reason I could not upload the image for the other food.

Lunch was the highlight of our Saturday since that was our pre anniversary celebration. Let me add that the our meal includes unlimited rice, soup and cabbage which is definitely worthy for its price, I must say.

We walked around for sometime and sat in front of the Vortex which is kind of soothing for some good reason and then we decided to head back home before 5PM via MRT which is 3 stations away to home. I’m off for now and speak to you again tomorrow.



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