My first canvas painting for the year 2022!

Friday, 7th January 2022

Dear J,

It’s been some few days ago since my last entry, my apologies for missing out for a couple of days. As you know I’ve been juggling hundred things plus I am still in a holiday mood which is now officially over since my son already started his online class today.

Although I feel sleepy when I got up today I still look forward to it, you know with my usual routine and of course I made my morning a bit extra and used my spare time to paint.

Let me tell you a bit of a story, before the holidays (2021) I bought a 60X70cm canvas for painting and I am currently contemplating what I should go for to paint. So today I went online and googled something and stumbled upon some videos in YouTube where I found my inspiration for my canvas in which I put into practice for this morning paint session. Although, I still need a lot of practice I still managed to make it look fine, I guess? (see image on the left) I might still need to add some more to it.

Anyways, I need to sign off now and will prepare something for lunch!

Happy New Year 2022 to all!!!



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