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We had to take a serology test #serologytest #serologytestsg #covid-19 #covid-19sg #singapore #sglife #expatlife #expatlifeinsg

Last Saturday (21st Aug) we walked to a clinic that performs a serology test here in Singapore because we need to take the test so that we can link up our Covid-19 vaccination record from Hong Kong to the local tracing app called TraceTogether here in Singapore.

For those who are wondering what is that test here is a simple reference from Google ‘Serology’ is the study of antibodies in blood serum or simply mean an antibody test. Since the Singapore government already approved public dining once again, my husband and I decided to just take the test to make our lives easier every time we dine outside.

My husband’s TraceTogether App which shows “Vaccinated”

Although we have our vaccinations record available on speed dial (thanks to eHealth App in Hong Kong) we just went ahead and take the test here in Singapore. The result of the said test takes about 3-5 days as per the clinic. Given the process timeframe my husband already received his result which reflected on his TraceTogether (Singapore tracing app) in only a day of process unlike mine which is still in the process as per the TraceTogether App.

Here is my TraceTogether App which shows “Vaccination in progress”

The serology test cost may varies per medical establishment so I suggest you to call few places before you decide. The needle left a bruised and a marked for couple of days on my right arm which is all gone now, thanks to time.

Until my next blog and thank you.


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