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Seven Days Stay Home Notice (SHN) Singapore Style #singapore #shn #relocatingtosg #quarantine #stayhome #stayhomenotice #wheninsingapore #wheninsg

My dearest son and I arrived here in Singapore last Sunday (20th June 2021). I have left so many emotions back home when we left, and fear is something I have carried with me the entire flight. Although the flight was only between 3-4 hours it just feels forever since my fear has not left me alone which resulted me being stressed out due to the pandemic situation.
Despite the woes in my travel everything went smoothly and that starts from the time we left our last location which is Hong Kong, I remember though I had one hurdle back there when my biggest luggage weighs almost 35KG which is more than the standard weight allowance, so I had to open, unpacked and moved stuffs to another luggage which is still fine.
Moving on, upon our arrival and embarkation at the plane we were greeted by this beautiful architecture heading to the immigration side which is wonderful thing that tickles the artsy side of me! And then an airport staff in full personal protective clothing approached us and he ushered us to queue at the immigration lane. After all the document verification, photo taking and a bit of Q&A, the officer handed me over a blue bag that contains stay home user guide brochure, gateway and a wristband. I was told by the immigration officer to activate the device and follow the stay home notice guidelines. Next step is to get all our luggage’s and head to a headquarter to get our lab tests done and that all together did not take forever which is great and then we went back in where the taxi stand is to get ourselves home.
I am glad to say that we are now down to our fourth day in serving our seven days stay home notice. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) staffs are all warm and approachable especially when they call me to check up on our current situation and or giving us the updates. We will have our next round of our swab test this coming Saturday, which is awesome because, we can finally breathe fresh air even though it is only for a while. MOM sent us all the details and that includes where and what we can only use to get there as per the transportation is concerned.
I am so excited and thrilled to get over this stay home period because it is just plain boring even though I have already exhausted all my best effort to be productive and creative. I will update you all once again through this blog. And please allow me to thank you all for visiting and reading through my content! Until my next blog post!

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