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Second Jab Done! #covid19vaccine #covid-19vaccine #covidvaccinehk #hongkong

Although it took me a while to write an update about my Covid-19 vaccination I am glad to share once and for all that I finished my second jab for the Covid-19 vaccination on the 2nd of May. Yey!
The experience is more intense for couple of days unlike my first jab experience, I still consider myself lucky for not being that sick or had any adverse worst reactions other than body pain and feeling so sleepy.

The next day after my second dose my arm felt very heavy and swollen and I could not forced myself to carry even my own hand bag so I skipped bringing my son to school for three consecutive days (thanks to my Hubby who filled that role), because I just couldn't. Although, I did not baby sat the pain I just could not take the pain for granted. I do not feel a need to take any sort of meds so I didn't take any either then goes the third day where I felt lesser back pain and the swollenness subsides better. I could say between four to five days I am sort of back to my own better self. Wow! I feel braver haha! No kidding aside though.
My whole experience went really well just like the first or even better than the first time, because I beat the whole process time the first time was at about fifty minutes where as the second time was about thirty five to forty minutes. Quite a close match there except that both times are smooth, well manned and efficient. My overall experience was great and happy that I completed my Covid-19 vaccination. 
Until my next blog! Thank you and have a wonderful life!

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