My first Jab of Covid-19 Vaccination! #covid19vaccine #covid-19vaccine #covidvaccinehk #hongkong

My left arm is still a bit swollen, however I feel fine and do better when I raise my arm unlike two days ago. I would say that I am the weakest in my family when it comes to tolerance in pain and sickness etc. That is why I am still surprised and amazed when I delivered my son normal. Alright, so much about pain!
I recently had my first jab of Covid-19 vaccine, which was two days ago to be exact (11th April) I was originally scheduled earlier than that, but due to some issue with my chosen vaccine the government delayed it to a later date. The best news is I survived it and I wish I could say the same on my second dose of my vaccination (keeping my fingers crossed).
I was hesitant in the beggining like I have some major concerns and all that fuss. Seeing and hearing different feedbacks from all the world etc. I simply fear for my life and still want to be here in this world. But no kidding aside all my weirdest imagination comes to life until I watched several scientist attests and ensures that getting the vaccination will gives you immunity. Those scientist gives me so much confidence that leads me to a decision that I will join the Covid-19 Vaccination Program (Hong Kong).
I chose to get BioNTech/Fosun (Cominarty) and my husband helped me with the whole online application process which was quick and easy as long as you provide your personal particulars upon registration. My schedule was later in the day at 18:30PM and upon my arrival at the venue I was greeted by the staff and ushered me to the correct line because they divided the line to two sides by the entrance of the hall. They will then ask you to enter to your Leave Home Safe App or fill in the form (for contact tracing). The staff will then lead you to the booth to confirm your appointment details such as the confirmed SMS message from the government and your identification card for verification purposes.
The government holds the vaccination program in many locations here in Hong Kong which I believed has a smooth and easy protocol with a well manned team of people. When I reached the place, I was then again greeted by a staff who checked my temperature, confirmed which vaccine I am taking, was it for the first or second dose and then the staff handed me a booklet that contains couple of forms such as the Vaccination Fact Sheet, Statement of Purpose of Collection of Personal Data and Registration form for eHealth which I all agreed, because why not. Come on I am just kidding 😊
The nurse came up to me and asked me several questions to confirm if I am basically fine. I told her that I am on my hypertension maintenance medication and that my situation is under control then she walked me up to the waiting area to wait for my turn for the vaccination. I only waited for less than five minutes to get my actual jab and if I am not mistaken the entire process was less than hour for me (fifty minutes and twelve seconds).
Going back, I waited at the chair and was called out to go in one of the cubicles to get my vaccination done. The nurse confirms some information with me once again and asked for my identification which I inserted in a small scanner and then she prepared my left arm for the vaccination. It was uncomfortable, oh well needle is needle it meant to be painful right? The pain manifested after three to four hours, where I cannot not raise up my arm in its full capacity. It still pains but the overall pain is tolerable which still allows you to move and function the same. After the vaccination procedure the nurse handed me over my vaccination record YEY then I exited the cubicle to seat outside to wait for fifteen to thirty minutes to be observed for any adverse reaction which I did not have. 

On my way to the exit the staff gave me a pack of 3 Ply Mask and a sticker as a souvenir. That was it! Like I mentioned above the entire procedure by the time you arrived at the venue was smooth and easy with staffs that could help you easy when you have further questions or concerns. Of course, this entire experience is based purely on my personal experience and judgement. Let me thank you all for reading my blog and share you my story for today. I cannot wait to practice my writing once again, until my next blog. Keep well and safe you all. BYE for now!!

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