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Water Funventure with the Mums and the Kids! #discoverybayhk #discoverybay #discoverybaybeach #familytime #hongkong

Last Friday was bright, sunny and HOT! We originally planned to go to the Lantau Island. However, the queue line at the ferry terminal 4 was longer than anticipated so we decided to change our destination to Discovery Bay. 

The weather was about 27C which is great for water fun activities and all our kids LOVED it!

I was with my son and April. Joined with my sister's family - the Capistranos and two of our other friends family. The Alpes and The Serranos.

April brought along with us hotdog buns, apple juice, snacks, water, sunblock and the rest of the things that we might need during our stay at the beach.

On our way out we decided to buy the mat for (HK$69) to use at the beach. Then, we took the cab going to the pier (Discovery Bay HK - Pier 3) and the cab fare is about (HK$40-50).
We sailed for about 30 minutes from Central Pier to Discovery Bay. The fare is about HK$40-50 for adults and kids at HK23 (0ne way). 
We then reached the beach about 12 noon. Together we walked down by the beach and set up our mats and tents then started lounging there by the beach. 

We unpacked our food bags and get ourselves prepared for lunch while my brother in law bought more food for us and the kids. 
Our family friend - Ate Tine and Kuya brought with them bunch of snacks, water and booze that lasts us until the end of the day. 

Our kids play, plays and PLAYED. They dug the sand and swam endlessly which was such a GREAT FUN!!! Parents had a wonderful time as well with the company of each other's stories and laughs about life in general. 
Although my husband stayed home we still had a fabulous time specially when we've seen our kids connected and got along well. 
We all separated our ways back at Central Pier and bid farewell at about 8:00PM. 
We all had an excellent fun day and I cannot wait to write about it again! Until next time. Thank you for reading. 

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